New Media Services LLC (also referred to as “NMS”) is a full service B2B e-commerce enhancement and communications software publish company with a primary office located in Johnstown, PA and an Operation Office in Ijamsville, MD. NMS is planning to deploy a complete suite of e-commerce software for the industrial manufacturing companies. This service will help industrial supply manufactures to increase revenue and profit margin, as well as to expand their international client network while staying connected with current ones. The solutions feature advanced information technology, database algorithm, and digital communication technology.

NMS plans to mainly attract advertising clients from Chinese industrial supply manufacturers with intentions to expand their international market reach. NMS will develop, design, and host a comprehensive software suite for its clients, which will include popular industrial equipment models and parts library for consumable or replaceable components.

New Investor Visits Frederick Office

January 28, 2014

On January 28th, one of our new investors, Ms. XM He visited our Frederick office to learn about New Media Services LLC's business activities and development in the past year. After hearing a thorough presentation from Ms. Tina Berger, C.O.O. of CTCI LLC, Ms. He showed great interest and has agreed to participate in the future development of NMS LLC.

Ms. XM She graduated from Communication University of China (formerly known as the Beijing Broadcasting Institute). She is an expert in media and communication industry with years of experience.

Yafei Ge Visits New Media Services

Investor Yafei Ge Visits New Media Services

August 1, 2013

Mr. Yafei Ge, the primary investor of New Media Services visited the CTCI, LLC offices in Johnstown, PA and Frederick, MD on July 31st, 2013. CTCI, LLC is the operating company for the CaerVision brand of products and services. Mr. Ge is involved in the management and decision-making of NMS, but relies on professional business managers to handle daily operations of the company. Mr. Ge is optimistic about the future of the company and the potential for creating jobs in the local community. Mr. Ge visited the offices in beautiful Johnstown, PA, meeting new employees, reviewing the Customer Service process and learning about the most recent technology updates being implemented in the Johnstown Operations Center. During his visit, Mr. Ge also visited the CaerVision Corporate offices in Frederick, MD to meet with CaerVision CEO Jack Zhang and CMO Jeff Comer to discuss financial reports and updates on the growth of New Media Services.