New Media Services LLC is a software company providing B2B digital communication software. The name of the product is called PartsDirect. With PartsDirect, a manufacturer will install the client software called Part2 on each distribution buyer’s computer. Part2 is designed to receive real-time product and pricing information from PartsDirect manufacturers. Part2 displays the product and pricing information as a screen saver on the distributor’s computer. This allows the product information to be seen by the distributors without having to search or checking websites or making phone calls. These convenient features make it highly efficient for the manufacturers to disseminate the information, maintaining brand loyalty and expanding market share. Part2 also allows a distributor to place an order for a product being displayed on the screen by simply pressing the Enter Key. This saves time for the distributors which translates into cost savings and increased revenues.

Keys to Success

  • Unique and effective technology
  • Leveraging the existing customer and distributor relationships
  • Much needed communication tool for B2B e-commerce